This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy web site of Fiera Roma Srl, available here: Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions and characteristics of the cookies
Cookies and similar technologies are the information that sites and apps, send and read on your device at the first visit, to be then retransmitted to the same sites, app, the next time you visit. Thanks to these technologies, sites and apps to remember the actions and preferences (such as, for example, the login data, the chosen language, the size of the font, other settings, display, etc) so that should not be shown again the next time you visit.

The nature of the data treated and the personal and identification data
Is meant by personal data “any information concerning a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number”.
Are considered to be identification data“, personal data that allow direct identification of the interested party” (such as, but not limited to name, surname, address, e-mail, address, phone number, etc…).

These technologies are used to perform authentication, computing, tracking of sessions and storing information relating to the activities of the users accessing such a service, and may also contain a unique identifier that allows you to keep track of the user’s navigation within the website for statistical purposes or advertising.

In fact, there are different types of cookies which, depending on their characteristics and functions, may persist on your device for different periods of time: the so-called session cookies that are automatically deleted when you close your browser; and the so-called persistent cookies, which remain on your device until a predetermined amount of time.

In line with the Applicable Legislation, your consent to the use of cookies is not always required. In particular, such consent is not required for “technical cookies”, i.e. those which are used only for the purpose of transporting a communication through an electronic communications network, or strictly necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user. In other words, cookies that are essential for the operations of a site.

Your prior consent is required for cookies “analytical” is not anonymized, and for cookie profiling, e.g. those that provide statistical analysis on the use of a web site, or create profiles of users to send advertising messages in line with the preferences that they expressed during the navigation.

2. Types of cookies used by the Site and the possibility of deselecting

While browsing the Site, you will receive the following cookies:

(a) third-party Cookies, i.e. cookies from websites or third-party servers that are different and then different from those of Fiera Roma Srl, please Keep in mind that these third parties, which are listed below with the corresponding links to their privacy policy, and mechanisms to opt-out, process your Personal Data as autonomous holders of the treatment. Third-party cookies are

Google Analytics. It is cookies that allow you to analyze and improve the operation of the Site. To disable the cookie of Google Analytics, you can download and install the browser add-on for the opt-out provided by Google Analytics. This add-on instructs the Google Analytics javascript code (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) to prevent sending information to Google Analytics. The add-in is available for the most commonly used browsers. More information about the add-in to opt-out of Google Analytics click here.

b) Buttons and widgets social network. The social buttons are those special “buttons” on the site depicting the icons of social networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) and allow users who are browsing to interact with a “click” directly with social media platforms. The social buttons used by the site are links that refer to the account Holder on the social networks depicted. Through the use of these buttons are not, therefore, installed third-party cookies. We report, however, the link where the user can view the privacy policy concerning the management of the data by the Social where the buttons return.