3A-PTA, public agency, proposes:

  • quality certification, food safety and consumer protection;
  • innovation, trainig and research for business support and technologiy transfer;
  • definition of partnerships for internal projects.


Language services: telephone interpreting, app-based translation systems, multilanguage web conferences.

AcquahMeyer Drone Tech Ltd.

We provides total crop/pest management solution using the drone technology. Our drones apply pesticides efficiently and effectively avoiding human contact and pollution. We have drones for bird repelling and also for plant and soil analysis.

ActionAid International Italia Onlus

ActionAid is a global organization working to promote democratic participation in Italy and worldwide, by involving people and communities in the fullfilment of their Rights, strenghthening Resilience and implementing policies of the Redistribution.


DIRE is a leading Italian national news agency, with regional as well as international news desks. Since its foundation back in 1988, it has focused on parliamentary and government policies as well as welfare, labor, education, environment and health related issues. DIRE international news desk is very much committed to reporting on worldwide cooperation. On a daily basis, it gives preminence to what’s happening in the Global South, with a focus on development related issues and challenges. At the core of it all there is a deep-rooted idea that news reporting can help “bridge the gap”.


Agro VCM Solutions Ltd.

AgroCentral is a cloud based supplier management platform which utilizes web and mobile technology to allow efficient communication between buyers of agricultural produce and their suppliers.


Agroplexi is a blockchain backed economy, catalyzing financial inclusion for farmers. We offer farmers a P2P wallet, smart contract-based affordable financing and Farm management system.


Amici del Mondo World Friends is an organizatin for development cooperation which operates in different African Cuntries, in particular in the poorest areas (slum) of Kenya. Our interventions are based on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a fcus on the right to health, education, trining, women’s and young’s empowerment, scientific research. The Association works in collaboration with local realities, with the final goal on encouraging development and autonomy.

ANCI – Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani

ANCI with the 20 Regional Associations, represents and safeguards the Municipalities’ interests lobbying all the Republic institutions and UE bodies. Activities and political autonomy are guaranteed by the memberships fees according inhabitans number.

AOI Associazione delle organizzazioni

AOI, established in 2001, now has more than 100 members. Its purpose is the representation and enhancement of the plurality of the social actors of volunteering, solidarity and international cooperation, in strengthening relations between individuals and communities. AOI promotes alliances and initiatives with other representations of the Third Sector and talks with local authorities and the profit world through active citizenship practices for a system cooperation, in the name of socially sustainable development and in compliance with the principles of Agenda 2030. Through advocacy actions, AOI stimulates and strengthens responsible behaviors and lifestyles, for the protection of common assets in strengthening international development cooperation through effective and coherent policies and actions.