2019 Edition

2019 Edition

Conferences and discussion

EXCO2019 will be the natural hosting for a rich program of seminars, workshops and theme debates with participation and contribution at high level, to complete the offer of the event.

The Goals of EXCO2019

• Offer new business opportunities to the profit sector
• Encourage and support good practice inspired to Accountability, Reputation and Sustainability
• Create an unprecedented business, meeting and exchange platform for the New and Traditional Players within the International Cooperation community

EXCO2019 will also be…

Share best practices / Create systems and synergies / Bring out and make known local capacity and potential / Facilitate future partnerships and agreements inspired to a decentralized Territorial Cooperation scheme.

2019 Edition


Training and job opportunities for young people who plan their future in the extraordinary world of Cooperation
Job orientation interviews
• Selection interviews with buyers and companies
• Recruiting Day/s


Presentation of the European Union’s External Investment Plan. Projects and interventions of non-profit and non-governmental organizations to protect and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) envisaged in the 2030 Agenda. Presentation of SDHs compliance by Fao and other UN Agencies.

Presentazione di progetti Fao e delle altre Agenzie delle Nazioni Unite.